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    What is most sad about this, is that we as Greek-Australians grow up hearing this over and over again and internalize its inference — that we are beneath them, that we are inferior, and that there is something somehow wrong with us. In the course of an office conversation, an Australian colleague casually described a certain inner-city suburb as being populated predominantly by "wogs". Not because their cultures are necessarily identical to ours, but because they are outsiders like us. How long until the racial slur Wog is treated the same way in Australian society? Either way, the word "wog" went out with Alf Garnett's generation in Britain and is an almost inconceivably offensive term of abuse for blacks or Asians. As I lay on the couch, my whole life flashed before me, remembering I left Greece as a young boy working on a ship as a captain cadet.

    Wog sex

    There was a lot of controversy, and I had to change sections after pressure from Ansett. Soccer is sometimes known as "wogball" in Sydney, as it is overwhelmingly played by southern and eastern Europeans. So pretty much what we do here in Australia. Wogs are culturally homeless. I went back to Italy a few months ago with my father, probably the biggest wog you will ever meet. I also talk about being a union delegate of the LTU John Morris was the then secretary and labor senator. And we love complaining. Popular belief has it that wog is an acronym of Western Oriental Gentleman. What do you think? But there is actually far more to being a wog than having pasta shoved down your throat until you puke or being a raging sex pig which I believe is the role Vince Colosimo played in The Wog Boy, but cannot be sure; I did my best to block it out. According to linguists, it could have started life as a shortened version of golliwog. Thankfully however, they found their voice, their dignity, and their self respect and they realized that they were equals and they damn well demanded to be treated that way. Feb 4, Santorini, Greece. I jumped ship in Australia and became an illegal immigrant. So an employee calling in sick at an Australian workplace can legitimately offer the excuse that they are "in bed with a wog" Topics. I am culturally homeless. A politician with responsibility for Aboriginal affairs recently came under fire for urging a community leader to move his "black arse". In fact, the first known recording of the word wog was in reference to Arab seamen in She is what is known in my part of Italy as a testa dura, a hard head, and I know for a fact she was born that way. My sister, for example, is a true wog. Share via Email To an innocent pair of English ears in Sydney, it came as something of a shock. A certain ambiguity persists, however, and many consider it simply a term to cover anyone from a foreign land. How long until the racial slur Wog is treated the same way in Australian society? Anyway, we went back to the old country. You can say you're Australian - but how long has your family been here? Like it is our dirty secret and we should hide it? This put things in perspective for me and made me question my experiences and my cultural identity as a Greek-Australian.

    Wog sex

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