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    Over the course of the disease, the addict's need for a "fix" escalates, requiring more potent sexual and emotional experiences. The partner is instructed by his or her individual therapist to prepare by making a list of what he or she specifically would like to know including "deal breakers" for continuing in the marriage. Other people might like to hear your story. You will be able to complete your profile, e-mail and connect with other members and share stories, opinions, advice, photos, ask questions and become a part of the Sisterhood Community. Instead, this research supports my hypothesis, that these people are making choices. Sometimes, that choice, and the level of control over it, happens earlier than we think.

    Wives of sex addicts

    But this requires a significant level of self-knowledge and commitment. The Sisterhood Of Support Community offers various groups with open forums where women can come and access resources and share their life experiences. I'm not the only one raising these questions and challenges. If so, let me know. This is why I teach people to identify those SUDs, those early choice points, where they can exert control, and avoid putting themselves in situations where they might be tempted to make bad decisions. If they choose to. Partners Are Our Priority! We are here for Partners. It can be hard to avoid making bad decisions, from using drugs or alcohol, or even to making unhealthy sexual decisions, when in the heat of the moment. This is a place where people make choices, about what they want to do with their lives, and what their priorities are. Believing these bad choices are the result of a disease may give some comfort, but is ultimately a false sense of peace. While the addict was actively engaging in his or her sex addiction , he or she likely went to great lengths to maintain secrecy around phone calls, texts, emails and whereabouts, therefore transparency and communication are the keys to a new, mutually respectful relationship dynamic. And, there's evidence that all men have the ability to exert control of their levels of sexual desire, and their sexual choices, if they choose to exert that control. In response to the many e-mails I receive requesting a free place for open discussions I have created a free forum website. Wives of these men sometimes seize the sex addiction label as a way to tell themselves that their husband's sexual misbehaviors are not a personal issue. But I understand completely wanting to believe it's an "addiction" over the even more painful truth that it's not. The forthcoming research suggests that these are men who tend to be very good at increasing their levels of sexual arousal, very quickly. So, come on over, take a look and join our little Community. If the motivations behind those bad decisions are not addressed, they will continue, with sex, money, parenting , and all the other important decisions that people share in their lives. Your partner has the ability to make better choices. They can put themselves in a sexual situation, and go from 0 to 60, very quickly, and enjoy the heck out of that sexual rush. And it might not be as much fun or exciting, making good decisions. Rather, it is the construction of a powerful, sturdy bridge that can lead to a stronger bond and rock-solid trust -- provided the addict remains fearless in his or her desire to make sincere amends. One remarkable reader shared this comment with me, that says it better than I ever could. Sometimes the addict practices what is called "staggered disclosure," releasing just enough information to overwhelm and confuse the partner, but ultimately failing to answer the partner's most important questions and concerns.

    Wives of sex addicts

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      The partner is instructed by his or her individual therapist to prepare by making a list of what he or she specifically would like to know including "deal breakers" for continuing in the marriage. It is not something to wing on a whim.

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      Since trust within the partnership has been all but permanently shattered, it is of paramount importance that the healing process be handled in a way that does not cause additional harm to either party.

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      As the ex-spouse of a "sex addict," I know when I found out I really, really wanted to believe that it was an addiction he had, partly because I thought it would help make it all just a little bit easier to accept i.

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      One researcher approached me recently, who is conducting brain research on alleged sex addicts, and where early findings suggest that the brains of these men do not in fact resemble the brains of drugs and alcohol addicts.

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