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    Vivek Tamaichikar, 28, is due to be married next month. His mother threatened to throw him out of the house and cancel his marriage if he refused to follow tradition. Priyanka Tamaychekar's marriage hasn't been arranged yet, but already the year-old is dreading her wedding night. The groom is given a white cloth to use while having sex with his bride on their wedding night. Refusing to participate can make you an outcast among your own friends and family.

    White humiliation sex

    The men and women who have joined forces to protest the purity test are mostly university students. Vivek Tamaichikar has refused to subject his wife-to-be to the ritual. One of them is Priyanka, who was relieved to find other people within her community who thought the same way as her. And there's a time limit. Unelected caste councils were banned in the state of Maharashtra last year, but they still exist. She is often pressured tell the community elders who she has had sex with. The group opposed to virginity testing meet at a house to discuss strategy. Three of them said they were bashed by about 40 people at a community wedding earlier this year. And if she doesn't bleed on her wedding night, she can be subjected to beatings and communal humiliation — even a divorce. Wedding night virginity testing is practised by the Kanjarbhat ethnic group of India at the behest of tribal elders. Siobhan Heanue Indian law is also more progressive on the issue. Violence, threats for opposing ritual Taking a stand against tradition hasn't come without consequences for the members of the group. Siobhan Heanue But he started a WhatsApp group and a Facebook collective to gather like-minded members of the community and launch a campaign to end the practice. If the bride is deemed "impure", there are several possible outcomes. For Priyanka, doing something means not doing what women in her family have been told to do for generations. Members of a caste council — all-male, unelected — oversee the ritual and mete out repercussions if the bride "fails" the test. Refusing to participate can make you an outcast among your own friends and family. Holi is meant to be a Hindu festival celebrating the start of spring, but it's being used as an excuse for men to harass and sexually assault women in public places. Before the couple enters, the elders sweep the room for any sharp objects that may be used to produce blood. Vivek said his first encounter with the ritual and its ramifications was at the wedding of a female relative. A woman who "fails" the test is seen as bringing shame to her family, and there are cases of brides being locked up in their parents' house as punishment. They threaten social exclusion to community members who oppose them, which means an outcast can't attend community events or find a marriage partner. He was still a child when he witnessed the bride being beaten by her own mother the morning after the wedding festivities, because she had failed the virginity test. Siobhan Heanue Vivek says the ritual violates both the bride and the groom's privacy. Vivek Tamaichikar, 28, is due to be married next month. First posted April 06,

    White humiliation sex

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