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    Denara Pel " Lifesigns " , [15] and supporting him when he deals with the loss of his "daughter" in a holographic family simulation " Real Life ". A computer engineer, Medina is another of the eight full- and part-time controllers. She is, however, still able to inform Janeway about the coming "Year of Hell". One of the original thrusters also failed. With help, she was able to suppress her pyrokinetic abilities.

    Voyager foto sex

    Or in some cases, one of us will drive in. As he lies there, dying, Tieran transfers his mind into her for his own goal of reconquering Ilara, prompting Kes to steal a shuttlecraft to go to Ilara. Denara Pel " Lifesigns " , [15] and supporting him when he deals with the loss of his "daughter" in a holographic family simulation " Real Life ". Tanis encourages Kes to develop her destructive abilities. And there are five instruments still working. In the novel The Eternal Tide, [28] Kes assists Q Junior in resurrecting Admiral Janeway after she is assimilated and the Borg Cube she was on was destroyed; Kes' actions restored Janeway's body to its most perfect state after Q was able to teach her how to pull her body back together. It would be interesting to go out with Angelina Jolie, but do I want to give up my wife of 44 years, and my grandkids? She can no longer remain with Voyager, but before leaving, she uses her newly acquired powers to hurl Voyager and crew safely beyond Borg space, 9, light-years closer to Earth. Tuvok tells her that she will have to learn and adapt from the experience, and that she will never be quite the same again. Having been rescued, Kes decided to remain with Voyager as it continued on its journey home. One of the original thrusters also failed. At this point, she appears much older, is much more powerful, and is vengeful towards the Voyager crew. Attracted by his youthful good looks, intelligence, sensitivity and bravery, she spent much time with Zahir to the detriment of her duties aboard Voyager. For spacecraft 12bn miles from home and in their dotage, the Voyagers are quite tranquil machines today, but they do need watching. It is surely one of the most amazing things in human history. She later marries Tom Paris , and they have a daughter Linnis. Kes remained at Zahir's side throughout his initial convalescence, showing great concern; shortly afterwards — when she was kidnapped by The Doctor who had malfunctioned — Zahir assisted Chakotay and Tuvok in their rescue efforts. She travels to the past and attempts to hand the past Voyager over to the Vidiians while she takes her past self home, but this attempt is thwarted. Kes receives medical training and helps The Doctor learn how to interact more easily with the crew. We detected hot lakes of lava on the surface. A computer engineer, Medina is another of the eight full- and part-time controllers. This aspect of Ocampan fecundity is not explained, although it is possible that their dependant lifestyle or the ecological changes brought about by the "debt that cannot be repaid" referred to by the Caretaker may be responsible for this phenomenon. That usually happens four to five times a month. It is left unexplained why Voyager's crew is unaware of Kes' warning when they encounter the Krenim later in season 4, during the episodes of the same name season 4, episodes 8 and 9. At the beginning of the episode, Kes is nine years old and ready to accept her death at the normal age for Ocampans. Being shown mercy causes Suspiria to leave with Tanis, and his departure caused Kes' power to return to its previous level. Linnis is married to Harry Kim and they have a son named Andrew, grandson of Kes.

    Voyager foto sex

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