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    Surely, this must include the rights of persons to choose to manage or resolve same-sex attractions and behaviors. Additional problems with how the Shidlo and Schroeder study was conducted further erode the scientific credibility and significance of any of its results. While further research is needed to clarify the extent of any causal connection between traumatic childhood events and the development of SSA and behavior, their co-occurrence is undeniable. In this light, it is unfortunate that the UK Association of Christian Counsellors has the following ethical guideline for membership: Nor, would complainers have to prove whom they received the product or service from, while admitting that some of the care providers were professionally licensed, but as many as a third were not. Biographical Note Philip M. Specifically, the ACC statement declared:

    Unwanted feelings of same sex attraction

    This paper reviews the ethics of all medical and mental health professionals to avoid harm and do good; discusses the known potential for harm when using any mental health treatment for any problem; clarifies steps taken to promote ethical professional care for unwanted SSA; notes the injustice and possible biases of those who warn about the potential for harm of psychotherapy for unwanted SSA; and documents that the research said to show this harmfulness, in the research authors own words, does not do so. Anecdotal and correlational studies clearly document that sexual abuse and other emotionally traumatic events are more common in the childhoods of persons with sexual minority non-heterosexual attractions and behaviors than those with heterosexual Austin et al. He is a licensed psychologist in Michigan, and a licensed marriage and family therapist and clinical social worker in Indiana. Imagine how someone who has experienced a helpful medical or mental healthcare product or service would feel, if their product or service were forbidden them based on the kind of information provided by the Shidlo and Schroeder study. Conclusion Moving forward, it is necessary that national and world medical and mental-health associations deal with the issue of therapeutic choice concerning unwanted SSA in a professionally responsible manner with scientific integrity. Hansen, Lambert, and Forman ; Lambert and Ogles 3. As an illustration, the first principle of the American Psychological Association's Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct states: Otherwise-satisfied customers would be refused the chance to continue—and willing, new customers to start—receiving these products for services based on complaints—but no clear evidence—of harmful side effects. This paper was written as a response to the present situation in the UK. Also, there would appear to be the potential for grave harm caused to some people by neglecting to provide such care for those who want it. The Practice Guidelines have been written, published, and used to educate medical and mental-health professionals—as well as concerned nonprofessionals—about how to enhance the helpfulness and avoid any harmfulness of providing professional care for unwanted SSA. Sutton cofounded a Courage Apostolate group in and helped lead the group through Biographical Note Philip M. Such findings have been reported in the therapeutic and scientific communities for over three decades Lambert , —; Lambert and Bergin , —; Lambert, Bergin, and Collins , —; Lambert and Ogles ; Lambert, Shapiro, and Bergin , —; Nelson, Warren, Gleave, and Burlingame He has presented at national Courage conferences. First, do no harm. Those complaining would not have to prove that they actually received the products or treatment—or that they had used them as directed. The complainers would not have to prove that they actually experienced the side effects they claimed, or that the side effects did not already exist prior to their treatment. Then do as much good as you can. Journal of Human Sexuality 6, —, and posted on the website of Core-Issues Trust in the UK, with an added foreword and preface, http: Shidlo and Schroeder discuss the potential limitations of the accuracy of the reports of their consumers, in light of the earlier findings of Rhodes et al. Psychologists strive to benefit those with whom they work and take care to do no harm. The APA offered these conclusions after having reviewed all relevant research to date, including the study by Shidlo and Schroeder Similarly, the Royal College of Psychiatrists n. A Such a recruitment statement is an example of research based more on ideology than on objective, scientific inquiry, and clearly introduces bias into the study.

    Unwanted feelings of same sex attraction

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      The APA offered these conclusions after having reviewed all relevant research to date, including the study by Shidlo and Schroeder

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