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    Because those two things are not necessarily the same. Various factors — peer pressure, curiosity and loneliness, to name a few — steer some teenagers into early sexual activity. Explain that no one should have sex out of a sense of obligation or fear. Family acceptance can protect against these risks. Like I said earlier, it depends on the ages. Remind your teen that it's OK to wait. Keep it simple, keep it matter-of-fact and keep it short. But when parents and teens need to talk, it's not always so easy. Don't lecture your teen or rely on scare tactics to discourage sexual activity.

    Tween portal sex

    When a TV program or music video raises issues about responsible sexual behavior, use it as a springboard for discussion. And make sure you talk about your values — a lot. With Amy Lang's help and support, parents discover that talking to kids about "it" doesn't have to be scary, overwhelming or tedious. If your teen doesn't seem interested in what you have to say about sex, say it anyway. Returns snarky eyebrow raise. Remember that everyday moments — such as riding in the car or putting away groceries — sometimes offer the best opportunities to talk. I believe they should know by the time they are in Kindergarten … Langford: The emotional impact of unhealthy relationships may also be lasting, increasing the likelihood of future unhappy, violent relationships. By Mayo Clinic Staff Sex education basics may be covered in health class, but your teen might not hear — or understand — everything he or she needs to know to make tough choices about sex. And starting these conversations is different than when they come and start them with us. I agree with all of that — especially the sharing your own sex life stuff — don't be THAT parent! Reward questions by saying, "I'm glad you came to me. Getting a good night's sleep? Good luck with that! Explain that no one should have sex out of a sense of obligation or fear. And if they don't, that's perfectly fine. Some of this stuff is easy to over-share. Present the risks objectively, including emotional pain, sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy. Our Bottom Line Start sooner rather than later — by age 5 is ideal. It's OK if they're not curious. Keep it simple, keep it matter-of-fact and keep it short. Looking ahead With your support, your teen can emerge into a sexually responsible adult. I think the fundamentals of baby-making; sperm, egg, penis, vagina … the facts and "sciencey" stuff of reproduction doesn't blow their minds. In the meantime, there are many other ways to express affection — intimate talks, long walks, holding hands, listening to music, dancing, kissing, touching and hugging. Examine questions of ethics and responsibility in the context of your personal or religious beliefs. It's often hard to avoid this ever-present topic.

    Tween portal sex

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