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    Give her the opportunity to decide when she is ready to follow you in bed and you will not miss! You need to feel her feelings, her desires and needs. She considers sex to be a very important part of a relationship, because it represents an intimate bond where she can feel exactly how much she is loved. Although she will keep her distance for a long time, once she decides to open up, she will become someone clear, stable and compassionate, your lifelong friend and a partner in crime. She never feels better, more alive and stimulated, than after some good hard sex. Taurus Woman Likes and Dislikes Taurus woman is strong, practical and reliable. She cares about her connection with a partner in it. Gradually she will build the trust, up to the point in which she is ready to share her thoughts, her emotions and her past, if necessary.

    Taurus woman sexuality

    There is something healing and soothing about its intensity. They are also at the same time very dominating and they like to take full control of things around them and as well as in the bedroom, they would like to take the lead. She may use yards and yards of rose-colored fabric and lace to create a comfortable nest, or she may create a subtle artistic illusion; whatever the style, you can be sure it will provide a dramatic backdrop for her and her mate to settle in for a night of serious lovemaking. These girls also crave for equal attention and tenderness in the bed from their partner as much as they give and they would easily get bogged down if their partner is not always complimenting her or cuddling or kissing her and is just going for the straight traditional sex. She cares about her connection with a partner in it. She is most comfortable when having sex in long, lazy bouts, with time out for popcorn, soda, and a gooey dessert; then it's back into the sack. It would be nice not to ask her for things that she will not accept from the beginning. Names Taurus Woman in Bed For a Taurus woman passion in bed is the most interesting and obvious piece of herself. You can almost envy her spontaneous glow, the look she has in her eyes and all of the things she is prepared to give up in order to satisfy the person she fell in love with. It means that if she disagrees and insist there is a great chance to leave. It is often said that Taurus likes things nice and boring, but in fact they are ready to deal with anything ugly, for as long as it is shared with someone they love and are in constant need for excitement as Venus has to be. Being of the earth, she has innate knowledge of the purpose of procreation and will not feel completely fulfilled as a person unless she brings forth a child to nurture, embrace, and teach. And above all, make sure you have run up a beautiful and tasty dinner and an appropriate drink. Her low-cut dress reveals sufficient cleavage to raise the libido of any redblooded male. She carries herself well and packages her body as she would a loving gift; it all adds up to stunning beauty. She has a tremendous need and drive to bear children. Taurus woman yearns to be loved, passionately and tenderly, but has a deeply rooted fear of getting hurt. It is advisable not to be hasty to her. At bed, she is a volcano and she knows how to travel you with her fantasies. You can always take her to a nice, romantic restaurant with fine food, and her favorite one is probably some small Italian place close to her home. She does not like: This woman needs confidence. Her bedchamber will be plush, executed in laid-back good taste, full of beautiful appointments, and subtly understated. She wants sex because it feels good and it is natural. Still, she will be swept off her feet by a creative, practical gift that she will be able to use. Give her the opportunity to decide when she is ready to follow you in bed and you will not miss!

    Taurus woman sexuality

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      She is happiest when having sex in her own bed or in natural surroundings that are comfortable for her. Way you Apply honey or chocolate and to behave like a delicacy!

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