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    Assignments are planned out prior to setting the underway watch and posted in the Watch, Quarter, and Station Bill. Refers to pressgang leader Andrew Miller who, it was said, owned the Royal Navy. Burn a flick verb: Cold Enough to Freeze The Balls Off A Brass Monkey - This term has nothing to do with testicles or primates, and a good deal of debate remains to this day regarding the origin of the phrase. The program was canceled for a number of reasons, among them the startling consistency with which the DASH attacked the mother ship. Yes I understand Aye, aye:

    Snorkel sex slang

    According to legend, some ships have had such spaces which do not show up on the official blueprints at all. Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker derogatory: Bullshit Artist - A glib person, or one who lies. Deeps - RN Submariner. Bogey Dope - Radio calls to the intercepting fighter giving data on the bogey's position, course, altitude, etc. Fanny - UK A mess tin. Circus - In WW II, a fighter-bomber mission whose primary goal was to force the German fighter defenses to come up and engage. Crush Depth - The designed depth at which the pressure hull of a submarine will collapse. Bitts - A shipboard mooring fixture comprised of a pair of cylindrical posts. To take a shit. Common additional usage now is to be 'ready to go,' or recovered. A civilian haircut worn by males who live around military towns to distinguish themselves from military personnel. A group of warships and supply ships centered around a large deck aircraft carrier and that carrier's airwing. The sound of shit when it hits the fan. Fall of Shot - Point of impact of a shell or salvo of shells. Derogatory term for Amphibious Ships used by bridge officers on cruisers and destroyers. Control Surface - In aircraft, aerodynamic parts moved to effect maneuvers, e. Condition 4 - A material condition of readiness commonly associated with peacetime steaming. Transfer is the horizontal displacement of the ship during the same period of time. See also Sweet Fanny Adams. Bells are normally rung over the 1MC during working hours only. You have been warned. Guantanamo Bay Naval Station. CO - Commanding Officer. Corpen - 1 A maneuver of a formation of ships. Deuce and a half:

    Snorkel sex slang

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      A female, perceived to be unattractive otherwise, out at sea on a ship which has many more males than females and who is consequently paid more attention than she would be paid on land. Burner - 1 In a submarine, a system that burns carbon monoxide and hydrogen out of the air, converting H2 to water and CO to CO2.

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      A sailor who crossed the International Date Line and Equator at the same time. A stupid mistake or poor performance, the opposite of "Bravo Zulu.

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