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    Here's what works -- and what doesn't. It just means some people are very prone to morning sickness the same way some people are prone to motion sickness. You must be having a boy. Please make sure you know the source of what you're paying attention to or sharing," Mass says. Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation, January ; vol A short torso results in less room for the uterus to grow upward, so it ends up getting wider. These factors, along with your body shape and how much weight you gain during pregnancy -- not the baby's gender -- will determine how low or high your belly sits. Which is to say, not at all [source: She may be carrying the baby close to the ribs rather than closer to the hips.

    Sex of baby carrying low

    Females who are smaller and lighter than males would be closer to the body and carried high. Sometimes different hormone levels promote different levels of morning sickness," Professor Robson said. If the mixture turns green, it's a boy. Basically, the tighter a woman's abdominal muscles either due to age or fitness level , the higher the bump rides. It has nothing to do with their genitals and everything to do with the way the baby is lying in the uterus. Canadian Medical Association Journal, Dec. Multiples naturally lead to large bellies. If the baby's heart beats faster than beats per minute, it's a girl. Continued Pregnancy Myth 1: I think it makes you very vulnerable in a way. A study showed that just before delivery, a female baby's heart does beat faster than a male's. Here's what experts told WebMD about a few of the most rampant baby sex prediction rumors. DNA tests of the mother's blood can also accurately detect the baby's sex, but because of their high cost, these tests are only used in specialized laboratories, not commercially. There's no real evidence to confirm or deny this one. Weaker muscle tone may make the bump appear larger. Which is to say, not at all [source: If it sways back and forth, it's a boy. What Happens Right Away. Use the images to find the belly that looks the most like your own. Some may hold on to the idea that infant males are larger than infant females, and that this size difference would naturally lead to a protruding belly that rests low in women carrying males. If the mother has bad skin, she is having a girl. A pregnant woman who craves sweets is having a boy. There is no real explanation of the reasoning behind the belly observation test. Now that medical technology makes it possible to determine an unborn baby's sex with almost total certainty, why do these old wives' tales persist? Even people who wouldn't normally believe myths are more likely to. These factors, along with your body shape and how much weight you gain during pregnancy -- not the baby's gender -- will determine how low or high your belly sits. Carrying a Girl Your baby's gender can be more difficult to detect than it seems since the way a woman gains weight is thought to measure into the equation.

    Sex of baby carrying low

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