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    I had always done things by myself such as blood play, bloodletting, catheterization and such but I knew it would be much for enjoyable with someone else. I didn't use it for a while cause to be honest, I didn't know what to expect. Sarah, " You have good veins". I wasn't sure if you would do it or not at first but glad you did. I told her I was embarrassed but I always liked medical fetishes and piercings and bloodletting and such. She didn't mind she said she could get needles and such to bring home. Sarah, " I got it, first try.

    Sex catheterization stories

    She said, "Ok, this will sting a bit! Hassan — the movie This is the story of Hassan and how self-catheterization with LoFric has saved his life. Hassan lives in Lebanon and has a spinal cord injury from a shooting accident in Hassan Balhas, a 34 year old man living in southern Lebanon, has been lucky. But it wasn't but a few nights later she came over and brought some things with her. How does it feel? She stuck the needle in and blood immediately started to flow out. I thought man this would be awesome if she would be into doing this, I mean I know she does it for her job but I wondered if she would be into it for fun. All this has been made possible thanks to the catheterization therapy and LoFric catheters. She pulled the metal part of the needle out and left the catheter part in as she held the vein so blood didn't run out on the bed. She then swabbed the vein with the alcohol and pulled the cover off the 21g needle. A flash of blood appeared in the head of the needle. As time went by I wanted to try other things so I took a catheter from the hospital when a nurse left the cabinet open. I thought man, this is too good to be true. I started out by doing blood draws on myself which was really exciting but hard to do at first as I was a little scared. Sarah, "Here is some more needles of different sizes This part wont hurt" She filled the syringe with lube. She then pulled out a big needle. It will hurt a little more when it hits the prostate part" She pushed the catheter all the way in to my bladder and urine started to flow out in the tube connected to it. Take your pants off and get comfortable She said. Many young people with spinal cord injuries in poor countries die prematurely due to kidney failure. She said, " You know, I thought you did. She then took the cover off the needle and placed it over the vein. I done things like that for a long time for years then I met Sarah who was training to be a nurse. So how did you like all that?

    Sex catheterization stories

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      I wanted to try having sex with her with the catheter in but she wouldn't so it had to come out.

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      However at the time I had no idea that my then current girlfriend would be into that sort of thing so it took me along time to get around to asking her about it. Heck I still have a hard time believing it.

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      A lot more than when I do it to patients at the hospital. She put her gloves on and wrapped the tourniquet around my arm.

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