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    We could have been chugging tequila. I applaud Lynn for taking this out of the real of what was possible. He also appeared as sardonic writer Jack Berger, Carrie's short-term boyfriend in the fifth and sixth seasons of Sex and the City. Livingston landed his first role in a major film in 's Swingers. A shot or two. Nothing to this degree. I got the job on a Saturday. He starred as the male lead, Peter Gibbons, in the comedy cult classic Office Space , which co-starred Jennifer Aniston and was written and directed by Mike Judge.

    Rosemarie dewitt sex and the city

    But I remember thinking, God, that was a missed opportunity. The what-ifs are so much more expansive now, and you see it in all your neighbors. So, originally, Rachel Weisz was cast for your role? Livingston landed his first role in a major film in 's Swingers. On Tuesday, I shot half a day of Tara, got on a plane, and went up and shot the tequila scene, sex scene, and got back the next day. It was kind of a non-issue on set. Livingston first acted at Theatre Cedar Rapids after being introduced to the group during a school job shadowing. I was a commuter, going back and forth [from Washington] to L. I was so surprised that Humpday was so moving. You get very drunk. Turns out the best friend, played by Emily Blunt, is madly in love with him, and Hannah is holding a huge secret. Lynn had her finger on the pulse of something that connected with them. The guys were so undone by it. Did you talk about how to do that on set? Drinking Buddies received positive reviews from critics. I went with a girlfriend and two guy friends. You know, in improvised movies, 80 percent ends up on the cutting-room floor, so Lynn could have latched onto anything. I wish she could come back. When you get down into the nitty-gritty of it, there are all sorts of ways to start a family: Was that real tequila? We have these friends, two gay men who adopted twins who are not the same race as the parents with no mom in the picture. In , he portrayed flight engineer Maddux Donner in the series Defying Gravity , which was cancelled after its first season. Shelton has said that she likes taking these very absurd premises and then executing them in a very real way. In November , the indie film Holly told the story of a Vietnamese girl trafficked into the sex trade in Cambodia. While working on this I was going back and forth to Tara, and I asked a good friend who was a lesbian, "Would you ever do that, get out of a long-term relationship with a woman and sleep with a guy?

    Rosemarie dewitt sex and the city

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