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    It reported that at the time, 40 per cent of youth in the 15 to 24 age group did not use a condom the last time they had sex, whilst a study found that only 35 per cent of sexually active adolescents had knowledge on correct condom use. The child who is born to a teenage mother is likely to get an unhappy childhood especially if the teenage parents are not supportive. Teenagers should also embrace sex education and learn on how to control their increased sexual activity. If a girl becomes pregnant due to teenage sex, she can be forced to drop out of school because and this means unless the family is supportive of the teenage girl, she is never likely to go back to school which means it will decreases her chances of getting married and place her in the low income bracket earner thus ensuring poverty continues in her home. What could be the cause to this? In conclusion, teenage sex is unacceptable in every society and even though it seems the hip thing in secular society, Parents can avoid this more than any one else. This counselling should not only be done in school but also at home.

    Rampant teen sex

    The child will therefore grow up in a Poor environment. Last week one video tape surfaced but by yesterday evening another three had been making the rounds. When teenage girls practise teenage sex and they become pregnant, some of them decide to abort. The educator of 22 years said many people with low esteem would do almost anything to please others and get attention. The child who is born to a teenage mother is likely to get an unhappy childhood especially if the teenage parents are not supportive. They do not get attention and guidance. They die due to their tender age and also the equipments used for the operation are substandard. There is increased rate of sex tourism in Kenya. Airall said too many children are left on their own after school hours and parents and other relatives are not holding them accountable for their actions. Teenage Sex in Kenya Poverty The gap between the rich and the poor enlarging by every day. This is nothing new. These teenagers tend to run to those who are ready and available to listen to them, who are their fellow teenagers or friends who cannot offer good sex education. In all but one case, the characters in the video were dressed in school uniform and their faces were featured more than once. The Government also needs to regulate radio and television content so that our Children and teenagers are not exposed unnecessarily and very early to behaviours that encourage sexual activity. The church should also be active in teaching on ways to avoid premaritalsex and teach our kidsthe ways of the Lord which are pure and Holy. Parenting teenagers need emotional and physical presence of a parent which is lacking due to career parents who lack essential time for their families. Talk to them more and ask them to help you understand them if we must eradicate teenage sex in our homes. With boys there is also peer pressure whereby a boy is made to feel less of a man because he has not been involved in premarital sex. Parents should take parental roles seriously and try as much as possible to be available in their physical and emotional life of their teenagers. The teenagers need to through a series of counseling to know the changes that take place in their bodies during puberty. This is because we know our children from birth and we can therefore introduce them from an early age to Christian teachings that enable them to behave in the right manner. Teenagers of today are also very tricky and have to be watched like a hawk so Parents again when you have a teenager in the house, then you have to reduce your workload because you need to kyt, Know your teenager, unless you do not mind surprises. The same study indicated that 39 per cent of adolescents between 10 and 14 years old were engaged in sexual relationships and the high level of teen pregnancy underscores the risky sexual behaviour of adolescent girls. They then put alot of pressure on their families for increasing the number of the family unexpectedly. That means that if any adult saw any child misbehaving they could reprimand them but today each parent to their child or children.

    Rampant teen sex

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      This is because a teenage mother is too young to be a good mother and also the fact that her earning capacity is minimal she cannot afford to provide her child with a good life. Teenagers are in their experimenting stage so when they are alone they are bound to try all these sexual behaviours that lead to teenage sex in an attempt to fit in society.

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