• Male witchcraft involving anal sex


    There will be plenty of lost, abandoned, crazed, abused, and starving children for the occasion. Undated photo of Aleister Crowley from http: He believed that the suppression of the sexual instinct was the root cause of the violence and other evils of the modern world. It will swell like a large ruby. Its good to add that neither Nelly Fuller nor Dr. Greek cults also sprung up in Nigeria in beginning the sick cycle of cults forming at Nigerian universities. Women also eat other women, or themselves. Could demonic possession be the cause of mankind's downfall?

    Male witchcraft involving anal sex

    It will swell like a large ruby. The supreme method of regeneration is sexual. However, despite my seeming self righteousness, to which I am most guilty, I do realize that not all in the Boule cults have had the same experiences. Children will come to seek refuge among the tribes, and in this way alone their ranks will be filled, and increase. Wesling are sworn under oath not to reveal the secret gangstalking and covert system of annihilation of empowered individual by means of slow torture and cutting them off from society. Many African eunuchs, men with castrated penises committed suicide seeing they had no manhood and no reason to live or means to pass on their seed. Kula is tribe solidarity, heterogeneous, pluralistic, non-hierarchal. The depletion of Serotonin, which regulates mood imbalance, a precious hormone, is what causes high occurrences of depression in those who practice sodomy. He believed that the suppression of the sexual instinct was the root cause of the violence and other evils of the modern world. The clitoris itself has seventeen parts, its protruding nub being only the tip of a branching system of super-sensitive nerve-fibers, sponges, and interacting ducts that occupy the interior of the pelvis: Historically, these arcane terms kula and kaula are leading clues to what will emerge in the last days of Kali Yuga, through the nine generations from to And with that being said, let's discuss Cress Theory and my disagreement. What really activates and drives everything including the human being is spirit. In Ancient Africa we would execute such abominations for the good of the community. Serotonin secretion constantly causes the addictive and compulsive feeling sodomites receive which traps them to promiscuity as the demons wants to multiply its kind by infecting more hosts by driving the infected person to commit the act more frequently like a drug addict. As far as Africa, In B. This a deep secret of their infernal operations. Wesling asked is America becoming the New Nazis Germany? Repent of the illicit sex, and very often, the witchcraft demon will depart. Wesling didn't have an answer. The Tibetan double standard and lamaist rule of secrecy has to end. It is closed in its most intimate aspects because the operative language, involving terms such as kula, acquired externally, cannot convey the secret of this path, pornographic sexual mysticism. The 9 Keys and How they were used to lock Africa into spiritual bondage Sango says the truth to you today, the Bible doesn't speak to homosexuals in Romans 1 but Sodomites. The higher generation Kali oversees is a magical process, the birthing of magical children, if you will. Diana believed that this outraged wife hired a voodoo worker, who in turn, put a spell upon her. Generally, we associate witchcraft with Africa, Haiti, Louisiana, predominately among people of color. Demons are subtle energies that are barely noticeable.

    Male witchcraft involving anal sex

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