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    When placed outside the bedroom door, it will block a lot of the sound from escaping. After all, we're sexual beings. Not only do both of you get to enjoy receiving stimulation from the other partner, but both people have their mouths too occupied to be too loud. Do it in the shower. There are a few tricks you can do to make your bed quieter. Get away once in a while to let loose if you can. Tweet Pin It's the first thing you dreaded before you had children. When you slide an object inside of you as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible, your nerve endings react in the most explosive of ways.

    Loud sex sounds

    The benefits can include more intense and multiple orgasms as well as a quieter ride. These sounds will make it harder to hear the sounds you are making. Make love face-to-face and kiss when you are tempted to shout. Try S-L-O-W sex to keep the bed and floor creaking to a minimum. Silent sex is hot, but a bit of variety that includes some loud, uninhibited hotel sex keeps the flame burning. Put a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on the climate in your kids' bedrooms to drown out any amorous sounds from down the hall. Be a little kinky! Want to see who wins this game? Do it in the shower. You can also play up your dominant or submissive sides by telling your partner, "You'd better be quiet," or having your partner put his hand over your mouth. There are a few tricks you can do to make your bed quieter. Not only do both of you get to enjoy receiving stimulation from the other partner, but both people have their mouths too occupied to be too loud. Invest in a good white noise machine. He won't know what hit him. Make your bed quieter. Tease, titillate and pull out all the stops to drive your lover wild and watch him struggle to control his moans and groans. Or maybe the second after discovering you'd never sleep past 6 a. Spooning position or where the woman is lying flat on her stomach while the man penetrates her deeply from the rear. I speak of sex, and more specifically, of having sex with your partner when you also have curious, loud, we-refuse-to-stay-asleep children roaming your home. Jess says — as thrilling as quiet sex may be: And despite what we've all learned from watching over-the-top porno films, quiet sex can be hot as hell. A surprisingly quiet position is Extend your breath to slow down. Sex and kink educator Cassie Fuller, a co-founder of Touch of Flavor adult education company, has the following to say: As difficult as it might seem to continue having a satisfying sex life after you created these adorable little beings, it's also super-important. Other positions can work too, you just want to avoid making your movements too drastic, which will cause the bed to shake, thump and squeak more.

    Loud sex sounds

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