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    We have done this so that those who visit our stores can feel comfortable knowing that no matter what they purchase, it is safe for them to use. However, the truth is that not all jelly sex toys are toxic. Only Master Glass Artisans understand how to achieve this and anything less than these methods can make the glass weak and certainly not safe to use sexually. The truth is that while there are cheap glass sex toys that will crack under stress they are not made of the same glass as windows. Only if it is done correctly. You will find that most adult stores still carry many of those products with no warnings to consumers about them.

    Lead free sex toy

    What is interesting is that when tested, many of these companies that use such overt scare tactics actually have their glass sex toys fail basic stress tests when examined with a polariscope a device that uses polarized light for material stress identification thus, meaning they are essentially misleading their customers to think that because they do not use window glass their products their glass sex toys are durable when they are not. Only if it is done correctly. Weak glass can crack and cause serious injury so make sure that if you purchase glass sex toys that you know what you are buying. Sex Toy Stores Typically In The Dark Most people who work for sex toy stores do not know what are in sex toys and are often in the dark about what makes something toxic. The error was in saying that it is the phthalates that cause the smell when in fact, phthalates can in be in some cases near odorless. However, there must be a thick layer of the Pyrex glass that is added to coat the color in order to make it safe to use for durability purposes as well as for the optimal hygienic purposes. This would make absorption of toxins quite easy and is why we ensure that products sold on our web sites are all considered within the safe zones that we have outlined through our research. You can even keep hot water or ice near the bed to alternate. It is why we carry a limited array of lubricants and related products as we are strict about what they can have in them. The truth is there are many choices of safe sex toys that range from low to high in cost. The reason it is impossible for consumers to determine is because the manufacturers of the products do not list all the materials used to make them or the process in which they were made on or in the product packaging. Keep it submerged for about 5 minutes. Even more interesting was that the CHEJ failed to detect phthalates off-gassing from the shower curtains in its lab test. This does not mean it cannot break, or that you should try this yourself, however, we wanted to test how strong our glass dildos actually were and we were rather surprised at how much abuse they could actually withstand. Each toy is literally a work of art and makes a wonderful gift for yourself or your lover. Because sex toys are not regulated they fall under novelties rather than medical devices by FDA classifications many in the adult industry do not know what sex toys are made of as the materials are often not listed on or in the packaging. Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link Picture: Make sure the water is at room temperature before adding or removing Pyrex glass as sudden, drastic temperature changes may on rare occasions crack the glass. In order to do this it takes time and money because you cannot quickly mass produce glass toys. Always test temperature before using Pyrex glass as it can burn skin at high heat. We have done this so that those who visit our stores can feel comfortable knowing that no matter what they purchase, it is safe for them to use. This is why cheap glass sex toys are so dangerous because mass production in China does not take the time to anneal a glass toy properly meaning the glass is dangerous to use inside the human body as it may break. The other issue in this study that was overlooked, is that phthalate exposure levels can vary and shower curtains and reports show that those in the U. Provides a slippery surface which allows for easy penetration vaginally, anally or orally. While the study showed that it mainly involved leaving the creams on the skin for long periods of time or on large portions of their bodies, we felt that due to the fact that the creams are put into highly absorptive parts of the body that we would not carry them unless they had less than 7. Ella Byworth for Metro. More than anything, they are fun and pleasurable to use and when properly taken care of will last a lifetime.

    Lead free sex toy

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