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    Good quality and very authentic. But you won't find that at Black Rabbit. I was lucky enough to go back later and I met Poney. You may see our "The Latex Store" brand of clothing in many retail brick and mortar stores. The prices are reasonable, considering the size and quality of the toys, and shipping is always a breeze.

    Latex sex masks

    Much appreciate your efforts. We stocked to whips at an given time and had exclusive marketing agreements with many of the world's top whip makers. In we began selling rubber products on eBay and by our rubber sales had equaled our whips sales. It was tough, but I was soon just swimming in endorphins and feeling very dreamy and happy. The product range is second to none. They are knowledgeable about their product range, which leaves everyone else for dead, and always super friendly. Strict Leather 4 Testimonials Black Rabbit is a fantastic place to find a wide range of fabulous and quality toys and information from the wonderful and experienced staff The prices are reasonable, considering the size and quality of the toys, and shipping is always a breeze. We began selling latex toys on eBay in and opened The Latex Store in All the items, I purchased are quality and I feel I got great value and great service. Good quality and very authentic. From that point on vending around the country has been a staple of our business, because it allows our customers to see and feel our products first hand. Although my order took a little longer than I expected, the goods arrived discreetly packaged as promised and in good order. Thank you Poney and Kimmy for your patience with my latest order. Great quality toys and tools at affordable prices. I discovered Black Rabbit online while looking for somewhere to buy big toys at a reasonable price. After 8 years of being curious but too scared, I'm really glad I gave it a try. We bought a Doxy, not cheap but recommended by staff and wow what a great buy I totally recommend it BUT beware it is really really powerful!!!!!! I truly felt like I'd walked into kink paradise and will be returning again very soon! In we also created a parent company called MB Enterprises. There is such a huge range of toys and implements to suit various kinky appetites and we have found the staff very easy to discuss and teach us about the ones we didn't know much about Most places charge a huge markup on large and XL toys, not so with Black Rabbit. Will seriously consider further purchases in time. Jen, who was working, was so helpful, nothing was too much trouble. You went above and beyond to tell us everything we needed to know, and I don't think we'd have felt brave enough to try it without you.

    Latex sex masks

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