• Is richard simmons a homosexual


    I can't believe they go without mention. Okay, but then why is there no mention of a wife, girlfriend, etc.? What an outrageous thing to think! If you have proof please post it. Many famous and non-famous gay men have married women, for a variety of reasons.

    Is richard simmons a homosexual

    There is no source for him having a falling out with Stern. If you insist, then the only factual approach I can see, is, assuming suitable reliable sources present, to mention that he is sometimes 'seen to be gay', or suspect, or accused of being gay, "due to his effeminate personality traits. His business is his business, if he wan'ts to act foolish that is his choice. I can understand a policy of no plural for SI measurement kg , which I would assume properly would be Kg , but I don't understand one user's edit of "lbs" to "lb". If you have proof that Richard Simmons is gay, then present it, cute posts are not proof. I remember an interview on TV around where he mentions his wife. But you have to sell your bananas in kilos. No, it was based on watching his video. I am not trying to be obnoxious, I am curious to know, and understand sexual orientation wouldn't be appropriate for the article page. This info is all over the place. Taught exercise classes at Luke's disco. He's doing no harm, so more power to him. Clean up This article seems very disorganised - it needs a clean up, with subsections etc. Check any Richard Simmons bio. Another thing I don't understand is the encouragement not to list the country of birth or death with regard to the United States of America and Canada. Since you have not, you obviously do not have proof. He taught classes in the disco in the day time. Is this a stylistic difference between British and US American English, or some standard as measurements. When I say she is a lesbian, that is not a judgment, but a conclusion that anyone over the age of 12 with eyes and ears would reach in a matter of seconds. If you find that some of the statements are false, or if you ever see ones that are libelous, then you should remove the statements, but not the whole section. He may like big tall domeneering women and prefers to be submissive, thats his business. I remember it very well! I keep taking this out, and it keeps coming back I heard that Richard was ill and in poor physical health. Mary Cheney, although having worked as a gay and lesbian public relations liason for Coors Beer, does not prove she is a lesbian. I don't have kids.

    Is richard simmons a homosexual

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    Richard Simmons had a Woman Sex Change? More of the homosexual agenda!

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