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    Jerry Brown shows a head-restraining device found in Cameron Hooker's home during a news conference. The women picked up the man at Bulaweyo Image: At another stop, this one in a secluded wooded area, Hooker pulled out a butcher knife and held it to Stan's throat. Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango told The Chronicle they picked up the man at an illegal hiking point on 6th Avenue in the city. He left her for days, naked, in the head box, and sometimes in another box — a coffin-like creation — or tied to a rack. But there was not enough evidence to try Hooker for Spannhake's death. Hooker's attorney tried to make it appear as if Stan had been a willing participant, pointing out she had opportunities to escape but did not take them.

    Hitchhiker forced sex

    No one suspected that the girl was forced to sleep in a box under the couple's waterbed, or that she was raped on a regular basis. Soon after the visit, Hooker locked his prisoner back into her box. Marie Elizabeth Spannhake, 19, had been walking along a road in when she accepted a ride from the couple. After the trial, Stan tried to move on to a normal life, but misery followed her — a string of failed marriages and a troubled child, now in jail. In , she wrote a book, "The Simple Gifts of Life," in which she describes her ordeal and what she learned from it. So on May 19, , Stan, 20, stepped onto the shoulder of the highway and stuck out her thumb. He is eligible for parole in It took the jury two and a half days to find him guilty of kidnapping, sodomy and rape, and on Nov. Advertisement Janice Hooker helped Colleen Stan escape husband Cameron Hooker, and eventually ratted him out to police. To the outside, the arrangement looked like a couple with a live-in housekeeper. The women, believed to be driving a white Toyota Cresta, offered their target a lift along a main road in the city of Bulawayo, in the southwest of Zimbabwe. Still, despite their normal appearance, Stan started to feel a growing sense of dread. For three years, she had limited access to the outside world. Advertisement But Stan, young and high-spirited, had been hitching for years and nothing had gone wrong. But there was not enough evidence to try Hooker for Spannhake's death. Her first-person account of the nightmare was the same as Jan's story. He left her for days, naked, in the head box, and sometimes in another box — a coffin-like creation — or tied to a rack. She told her pastor and then police about Stan's abduction, as well as one of Hooker's earlier stabs at finding a slave. Hooker would let her out to work, helping him build bigger accommodations — like an underground dungeon — for more slaves. Thus began her long nightmare. Eventually, Janice realized neither prayer nor counseling could help Cameron Hooker. The practice seemed particularly risky those days, just a few years after the arrest of a serial killer in Santa Cruz who preyed on young female hitchers. They then took away his semen before dumping him. The women picked up the man at Bulaweyo Image: He seemed harmless enough, especially since he was traveling with his wife, Janice, 19, who cradled a baby in her arms. After a few miles, Hooker stopped for gas and Stan used the restroom. The Nhokwara sisters were caught when they were involved in a car accident and police found 31 used condoms in the boot of their car.

    Hitchhiker forced sex

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