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    On one end, we see some of the most popular vixens from our childhood explain the job. It is pressuring for women musicians to conform to the porn standards because if not they will have to compete with the women who do. Denean Sharpley-Whiting calls a "peculiar place of cultural antipathy", often accused of selling out and blamed for participating in the exploitation of women. As we mentioned above, video vixens are known as some of the most beautiful and influential people in fashion and beauty. Being a video vixen was a big deal. Almost 85 percent of their programming is geared to the black audience if not more. They claim to only talk about what they've seen and can't help if children watch.

    Hiphop video vixons sex

    In the documentary, we see directors, music artists and actual vixens themselves talk about how the girls are treated and the need for professionalism. Once these images are put out there these women are not the owner of their representation anymore. Why are black women always labeled as the group who's being exploited in music videos? Between the producers and the actual artists, the women deal with a number of issues that are along the lines of harassment. One of the directors states "We'd love for it to change but its what the public wants. Video Vixens and other sex workers are often given a bad name for who they are and what they do for a living. The role women have evolved over time in the hip-hop world. These images created within the world of hip hop reinforce the negative stereotypes associated especially with the black female. On the other hand, we see the issues that these women deal with because of their chosen professions. Feminist activism in hip hop re-examines the relationship women have to the hip hop culture, and how women choose to assert their sexuality. What we wanted to focus on was the hypocrisy that the Hip Hop industry faces in regards to black women. Due to the commodification of hip hop and stereotyping, the "sex sells" concept became prominent within mainstream hip hop culture. Women are tended to dress half naked and moving their body in sexual ways. But it would be wrong to blame the artists and women who participate for the way that Black Women are viewed. Being in the forefront of a video that would be watched by the millions meant popularity, money and fame. From the acting calls to long work days, the vixens have to be focused. If this is the case, why is Hip Hop criticized more than any other genre? They claim to only talk about what they've seen and can't help if children watch. Successful career paths[ edit ] Some video vixens who have made a name for themselves in the music video industry, as well as girls with limited work as hip hop models, have gone on to other types of work with greater success, mostly by marketing themselves. Black women under this type of social gaze are not seen as valuable. Just make sure that the next time you mention them, you also mention that they impacted an entire era of music and images. The videos helped millions keep up with hip hop, fashion as well as the hottest girls coming out. Perfect faces, cut bodies and beautiful hair were normal to the girls. In the documentary, the men praise the women. They believe that the women make the video.

    Hiphop video vixons sex

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