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    Tod Browning Great Britain banned it until , and even today its images of Siamese twins, pinheads, midgets, and who-knows-whats are not easy to take. See white men copy Kurosawa - to lesser effect. It's German Expressionism, Hollywood-style. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly , d. Badlands , d. Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali Art, shmart: Brian De Palma An operatic exercise in excess, De Palma and screenwriter Oliver Stone's epic remake of the Hawks classic is almost twice as long, more opulently produced, and far more graphically violent. Crimes and Misdemeanors , d.

    Forty plus sex movies

    Facts and Commentary About This List: In announcing "I'm a stranger here myself," he provided a more complex motto of alienation than Brando's sneering "What've ya got? It turned out that the oft-arrogant Dylan - just as he'd always said - was all too human. Ulmer Forty years before Blood Simple, Ulmer threw together this gritty, unrefined, ultra-low-budget film noir. To wit, Bunuel's masterpiece of perverse erotica, about a repressed housewife cum prostitute Catherine Deneuve, at the peak of her ice-cold appeal , weaves together dreams and reality with an effortlessness that makes the distinction between them seem positively bougeois. All of this is unpretentiously designed to keep you laughing, entertained, and involved. Sergio Leone Leone invigorated the ailing western - the province of aging icons - with stylish nihilism and operatic mayhem. Siegel's tightly wound, low-budget classic packs a double punch. Open City , d. Once revolutionary propaganda tsarist oppressors shoot brave peasants! Michelangelo Antonioni Timothy Leary was giving acid tests, accepted truths were being questioned, and Antonioni posited this story, such as it is: John Woo What do you get when you cross Roger Corman with the ballet? Little hope is offered by the film's uncompromising ending. But do "the movies" show us love that's filled with raw desire and crippling emptiness? Her luminous bad-girl persona still feels modern, as does her black-tressed bob, which continues to reappear in movies such as Something Wild and Pulp Fiction. The sensitive yet shamelessly exploitative story of a group of sideshow freaks who take revenge on a "normal" woman after she attempts to murder one of them, Freaks is the visionary precursor to the works of David Lynch and David Cronenberg. In an innovative twist that would be copied ad infinitum , Carpenter shoots the opening sequence almost entirely from the psycho killer's point of view - even through the eye slits of his Halloween mask. Drugstore Cowboy , d. Exploring the perverse bond between twin-brother gynecologists wittily played by Jeremy Irons , Dead Ringers is bloody, disturbing, and almost unbearably cold - even for a horror movie. Wertmuller's audaciously ribald brand of feminism set an example for Jane Campion and Kathryn Bigelow to leave PC on the cutting-room floor. Except that this one is a cartoon. Using the camera like a jazz instrument - tilting it every which way, even splitting the screen into kaleidoscopic parts - Vertov constructed a new reality out of workaday Moscow. Rainer Werner Fassbinder The brief '70s creative explosion known as the New German Cinema reached its molten core with this Fassbinder masterpiece. Though the film glorifies the natural world, Roeg's ultrahip, rapid-fire cutting owes more to Godard than to Thoreau. And hail, and again. Victor Heerman "One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas," says Groucho, at the mansion of wonderfully curvy straight woman Margaret Dumont.

    Forty plus sex movies

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