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    It also opened up audiences to the idea of high profile erotic films like Basic Instinct and Body of Evidence. You went away without me. We're still praying they get back together. Tony Scott, Dr. The scenes were considered explicit at the time but they helped pave the way for other high profile lesbian scenes like the famous scenes in Bound and Mulholland Drive. The film didn't shy away from full-frontal nudity and showed close-up shots of the actors' genitalia, included oral and vaginal sex, and even showed ejaculation. To be fair, the camera didn't expose the actual act, but rather, his face. Young Leonardo DiCaprio, of course!

    Best movies ever sex scenes

    They are professional artists whose job involves turning themselves into a person they aren't, to the amazement of fans and moviegoers around the world. We're still praying they get back together. The strip-tease pool scene is just a primer for what goes down in the hotel room afterward. Everyone involved in the production freely admitted that the two leads didn't simulate a single thing when they had sex on set. The scene was taken so seriously that the whole thing apparently took ten days to shoot. Caligula is credited as one of the worst movies ever, though the performance by McDowell was received rather well considering the nature of the movie. Originally published June This film helped establish that sex scenes do not need to be ostensibly disturbing or violent to show a strong negative emotion. Young Leonardo DiCaprio, of course! They make pottery sexy. When asked in interviews about the sex, the stars spoke about it freely admitting they used condoms for vaginal penetration, but otherwise, the two got very close indeed. They wrestle to the ground. The film did not shy away from nudity of both Hunter and Keitel and also uses the vehicle of sex to explore their relationship. Definitely one of the more scandalous scenes on the list! In the movie, a group of car crash survivors develop a sexual fetish for cars and crashes. These people show up to work and while they may be friendly with their coworkers, they aren't accustomed to bumping actual uglies with them so love-making is awkwardly simulated either with body doubles or good lighting, sound editing, and camera tricks. When it comes to shooting the ever-embarrassing love scene, these stalwart professionals throw back a shot of tequila if needed and get to work simulating intercourse. While some have confirmed their acts were genuine, others have denied it over the years. It was notable for being released under the controversial NC rating but that only boosted interest in the film. Like Shame, Nymphomaniac has helped to bring darker ideas about sex, and the portrayal thereof, closer to the mainstream and further away from the taboo in our modern society. If you're a romantic at heart, this one is unmissable. Though Maurice is initially dismayed when Scudder offers himself up, he comes to his senses and together the men find their happy ending. World Police" By far the most unorthodox scene on the list, this one involves puppets engaging in just about every imaginable sexual position and act. The movie didn't need to be shot in 3D; that was mostly a gimmick, but it does hover over the line of what is art and what is pornography fairly well. Then there are the entries on this list. It not only shocked audiences with real sex but also incorporated it fairly seamlessly into the narrative.

    Best movies ever sex scenes

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    10 Movie Sex Scenes That Were Real

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      This is a he-said-she-said that has been plaguing Hollywood since and it is one of the steamiest sex scenes ever filmed, making it a great addition to this list.

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      Everyone involved in the production freely admitted that the two leads didn't simulate a single thing when they had sex on set.

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      Then there are the entries on this list. If you did want to get a glimpse of Pattinson's actual O-Face, you might want to check out the flick because he went for authenticity in this one.

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