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    She's never met me and probably has no idea who I am, but I love Lola's work. Last but not least, my throne. This was a long process. I like the young man in the foreground. Clearly I've lost touch with the wild animal that is film photography. This is my friend Jonathan Meiburg singer and guitarist of Shearwater having a plaster cast made of his head by my friend Branan, who shot his most recent music video. You can't keep out art! I was sitting next to three very nice young ladies who, it turned out, had just been to the same art exhibit I had seen next pic.

    Anson mount sex and the city

    Sometimes wall art will get tagged with band posters and then get removed, leaving a residue of glue and paper. This is a wider frame of the type of outdoor wall art I've been talking about. Sort of an unintentional, communal art. This is my windowsill. So I lifted the frame. This is my friend Grady at the end of a very long, very drunken night. Probably too much whiskey. He looks like he has a diabolical plan. Straighten that line, turn it 90 degrees and you've got one hell of a Rothko. This is my friend Branan's hand going over a draft of my most recent screenplay. I snapped this while walking through Midtown East with my friend Jeffrey. Besides being a fantastic writer and director, the guy can paint, huh? If you look at the bottom of the frame, you can just make out what I was trying to take a picture of: I love the band stickers "Swervewolf" and "The Kosha Dillz". She's never met me and probably has no idea who I am, but I love Lola's work. Hopefully you can get a better idea of how this evolves. This one of a bird strategically placed below a fuse box. So financially, it makes good sense to keep producing these sequels when there's a gigantic line of folks waiting to see them. Another pic from my 'hood. We shot it in , did the festivals in and then it sat in limbo until the forces of nature decided it was time. I still think it came out nicely. Many meanings behind this one. I can guess as to what was changed for regular standards like Samantha saying, "Wanna have sex? If you play "Dixieland Delight" on the jukebox, the bartenders are required by law to get up on the bar and clogg. It's an elephant balancing on his trunk.

    Anson mount sex and the city

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    Complexed Simplicity: Sex and the City Twenty Something Girls Vs. Thirty Something Women

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