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    Pratt and Virginia H. If a female hippo is interested, she turns around, raises her rear end out of the water, and presents him with a dung shower of her own. According to legend, more people are killed each year by hippos than by sharks, and while they're not all that graceful on land, they can charge at superspeed when they're in the water. He's just doing what evolution has guided him towards doing: The females twist and turn their way out of the sand and they, too, return to the surf. At least, it sounds quiet to us, because most of their vocal communication occurs outside the range of human hearing. The duped males would go on thinking they'd managed to secure their genetic heritage, none the wiser about the con. By avoiding the ire of another male, the female mimics could survive another day in hopes of finding a chance to mate. It was, as the researchers noted, scientific history:

    Amateur sex hippo

    As they deposit their excrement, they use their tiny tails as tennis rackets, shooting bits of poo off in every direction. There he sits, waiting for a female to come by. Several hours later, the beach once again gets quiet. It was, as the researchers noted, scientific history: Not so for an Australian jewel beetle called Julodimorpha bakewelli. They get together in aggregations that can number tens of thousands of individuals and wiggle around in massive, writhing mating balls. He knows none of this, of course. The duped males would go on thinking they'd managed to secure their genetic heritage, none the wiser about the con. View image of Tending to a garden of When a territorial male is on the prowl, the females aren't entirely passive. The male rolls onto his side to allow his prehensile penis better access to the female's vagina. He's just doing what evolution has guided him towards doing: The balls are created after the females release a pheromone that indicates their presence, a sort of serpentine clarion call. The males take the next few waves to the shore, gathering themselves in circles around the females. Unlike giraffes, hippos are more into dung than urine. It's an unassuming fish, silvery with hairline streaks of blue, red, and yellow running along the length of their bodies, which rarely grow longer than 17 or 18 centimetres. When the researchers observed the female and one of the males begin intercourse, they weren't all that surprised. There are no flowers, no chocolates, no movie dates. Here are seven ways that animals are kinkier than you ever thought. View image of Let's get together Credit: For a while, many researchers suspected that males who released the same sorts of pheromones typically released by females were doing it to deceive other males. Like the males, the females also use their tails to spread the stinky love around. The problem is that they're remarkably similar to a particular colour and texture of glass often used in beer bottles. It's a salty, sandy, wet, moonlit piscine orgy. When a groggy male snake emerges from its winter slumber, it's only a cool 10 degrees Celsius.

    Amateur sex hippo

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